Alexandre Turgeon, Montreal

Name: Alexandre Turgeon

Home town: Born in Montreal and raised from 0 to 7 years old in Hemmingford, on a farm with a beautiful forest

Current location: Montreal

What you do: Living life day by day

How we met: We worked and lived together at M hostel in Montreal. He has since visited me in Brighton twice.

What is your favourite thing about home?

I love Montreal. It has everything you need. It’s a really beautiful city with lots of really different neighbourhoods and there is even a mountain cover with forest in the middle of the city. I just love to do different stuff every day, meet new people, chill in the parks and there are constantly festivals and events to enjoy pretty much every day in summer in the city. My apartment in “the plateau” (probably my favourite neighbourhood) is well situated near the nice “Avenue Mont-Royal” and the awesome “Parc la Fontaine”! My roommates and I do lot of jams and parties every week!


What does “the real Quebec” mean to you?

It means “Peace, fun, freedom, beautiful nature and creativity.”

You have travelled to so many places and experienced so many different cultures. What have you learnt about people?

That everyone understands the life differently!


You dress so eccentrically! Where do you get your inspiration?

It was my dream once to have my own fashion collection and I wanted to use fashion as some sort of expression. I take my inspiration mostly from what I love and what makes me happy. I love to wear colours that are joyful like pastel colours, warm and bright colours, pink, yellow, etc. I think it can help to share positive vibes and make people smile! Personally, I don’t like to dress to satisfy “the norms” of the society, I just wear what I love!

You once travelled from Oregon to LA with only $10 in your pocket. How??

Actually, it was 9$ – every dollar count when you are on your own! I was following the Pacific coast trail by foot. The first thing I bought was really cheap food that could feed me for as long as possible! But the difficult part was mostly not knowing where to sleep at night. On the first night, I asked a campground if I could sleep there for free because I didn’t have enough money and luckily they accepted. I went to sleep under a table to protect myself from the rain because I had no tent, but a coyote started to walk toward me. Every time I scared him away he came back, so I fled from the table and went to sleep nearby a small house with light so I didn’t get disturbed by the animals. After that night, I never wanted to sleep in the wildlife again so I decided to ask hotels if I could sleep for free by telling them my goal was to reach L.A. by walking with almost no money. Thankfully, the first hotel accepted! Apart from asking for a free bed, I never asked people for food or money. A lot of people just decided to help me with their heart! A lot of the time I was just sleeping outside 24h open stores so I can go to toilet, feel safe and drink water. I had people giving me money, food and free rides. I never tried to hitchhike but people just stopped and/or offered it to me anyway. I slept once at someone’s place and I even got a free bus ride from a ticket seller and a bus driver took me farther then I paid for one time. I had lots of other pleasant gifts and help! It was an incredible adventure and I can’t be grateful enough for all the people that helped me.

Tell me something wonderful you have experienced.

One time on the beach in Costa Rica, my friends from Wales/England called Liam and Emma brought an awesome cake they baked themselves made with banana/blueberry and weed oil and we enjoyed it together sitting on a beach towel! Also, I love so much to exercise on the beach with them. My whole Costa Rica experience was incredibly fun!


What is the kindest action you have ever received?

That my mom created me and gave me life and she always takes care of me when I’m in trouble!

What is happiness to you?

Happiness to me is to be in good health. Optimal health gives you desires and wellbeing, starting importantly with a good night’s sleep to feel fully energized and willing to do lots of things. Also, having a good social circle and friends that you can always count on is very important for mental wellbeing. And of course, eating healthy, doing physical activities and taking care of yourself!




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