Tip of the day: Bargain January Flights

I have two weeks free after my exams so I have been looking into going away next week somewhere in Europe while the flights are cheap. If you book through Ryanair you can get return flights to places like Berlin for just under £30 – literally the cost for me to get to my home in Kent from my house in Brighton.

In a session of procrastination, however, I noticed that you can fly from Stockholm to America and Canada for ridiculously cheap at the moment.

The current cheapest Google Flight rate to get to San Francisco, California or Montreal, Quebec is £130 for a RETURN with Wow airways. That is literally only £75 each way. Flying to Stockholm from London is only £14 each way (which is less than a train ticket from Brighton to London) and so for a total of £160 you can get to and from California, where there actually seems to be a bit of sun this January.

It might mean missing the first two days of term but I am very tempted by this deal and wanted to share it. What’s more, if you fly to Montreal, you can get a coach for $40 to New York City whereas if you flew there direct from London it would cost around the £400 mark, although this is still half the price it costs to fly there in summer.

To conclude: Check out flight sales this January and fly from Sweden.

Happy travelling!

PS: For advice on what to do and where to stay once you get there, check out my other posts.



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